Parent/Student Feedback

I’m quite old. Well, 50, so not that old but I’m certainly no sparkly nine-year-old. I played the flute at high school and liked it but didn’t exactly love it. I recently got the chance to play in a parent band at school (a bit of ACDC, hard to find a flute line there) and booked a couple of lessons with Kaylene, my first for 35 years, to get rid of the rust. The couple of lessons have morphed into a couple of terms and I’m looking to continue with fortnightly lessons into the future.

Finding Kaylene has been a bit of a gift going into my second half-century. She’s a conscientious, organised, thoughtful and encouraging teacher with lots of experience working with a wide range of students. She draws upon many techniques to make the penny drop for me, including ideas from the Suzuki method, and helps me set manageable goals.

And this is really important as an adult learner: she’s adapted to my unusual style of learning and is as flexible as possible to accommodate the difficulties of changing work commitments, sick kids and parents and the general challenges of life. Playing the flute is now an intellectual pleasure and a freedom for me, and she understands this and responds accordingly. If you have a young learner, you are putting them in very capable hands. If you are older, you are making a friend who can help you be a better flute/recorder player, which might just make you a nicer person to be with.

                                                                                      Michelle Fincke

Go Flutes Out West - I couldn't recommend Kaylene Brooks more. I have two girls who BOTH have flute and recorder lessons with her. She is patient, has some fantastic creative ways to engage the kids and is very supportive of their individual learning styles.
                                                                                      Sammi Dobinson

Having known Kaylene as my own flute teacher and as a fellow music teacher, I have no hesitation in highly recommending Flutes Out West. Kaylene taught me flute during the second year of my music performance diploma at the University of Melbourne. This was the very best year out of the three! I loved Kaylene’s organised, clear and thoughtful teaching. She always inspired me to work harder and keep broadening my musical knowledge and repertoire.

As a local music teacher I couldn’t be happier to know Kaylene and continue to seek her advice and share ideas, and now have the opportunity to hold combined concerts for our students. Kaylene is a lovely, encouraging and down-to-earth person. Combine this with her extensive experience and skills, and you have the flute teacher you’ve been looking for!
                                                                                       Emily Wraight