Flute, Recorder, Suzuki Flute or Suzuki Recorder Lessons in Melbourne's West

Lessons are held weekly during school terms. For children or adult beginners a weekly 30 minute lesson is perfect. For more advanced players or adults who have fortnightly lessons, a 60 minute lesson is more suitable. 

I will generally only accept students younger than 6 or 7 if there is a high level of parental involvement. The Suzuki Method is ideal for this age group.

As a classically trained musician, my lessons aim to set up the foundations necessary for a good classical technique. This gives students the tools needed to be able to play many other styles of music as well as the classical repertoire. That said; your lessons are tailored to your needs, so if you just want to play rock tunes from the 80’s, a few Irish jigs, or songs from Broadway musicals, I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

For students preparing for AMEB exams, lessons can be extended to include Theory of Music study time. For higher level practical exams, a prerequisite in passing Theory of Music exams is essential. Theory lessons are available to any student who is interested.

For beginners – adults or children
Patience is needed! Please be prepared to take things slowly at first. For the first term of lessons, at the very least, it may seem like not much is happening, but you or your child will be learning a lot. Holding a flute (recorder is a bit easier) correctly and getting a good sound take quite a bit of time to set up properly. As does learning how to practise effectively and developing a healthy practice routine.

For children, time is needed just to get used to what is expected of them during lessons, such as paying attention, understanding and following directions and standing still. It is important for children not to feel rushed. It takes time to learn new things. Once these foundations are laid, it is often a pleasant surprise when progress takes off in leaps and bounds.

Performing for others is an important part of learning an instrument. I encourage my students to gain as much performing experience as possible. I have one or two concerts each year for my students. I also inform students of other performing opportunities run by various organisations, such as The Musical Society of Victoria and Suzuki Music Victoria.